A day in the life of the newest parking enforcement officer

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MIDLAND -- The City of Midland has a new full-time parking enforcement officer, and several people have already learned the hard way.

“I do this every day, five days a week for 8 hours a day,” Downtown Parking Enforcement Officer Rob Wilson said. “While walking I see some of the same vehicles in some of the same locations. I’m trying to educate people about how costly this can get after a while.”

It’s a thankless job but someone has to do it. The primary duty of the officer is to ensure parking compliance within the boundaries of downtown. And Wilson does that by patrolling the area and issuing citations to drivers who violate the law by parking longer than the two hour street parking limit.

“One gentlemen that I issued a citation, he did yell at me, but he apologized afterwards,” Wilson said. “He was very affectionate and understanding that this is something that the City of Midland is trying to instill.”

Wilson believes his new role will help the local economy by attracting more business owners and shoppers.

“It’s a lot of areas downtown that we are trying to make sure that we can enforce so that we can open up and create parking for everyone,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, there is a grace period where violators will only be given warnings, however starting May 1st he will began issuing citations. If you park illegally, you will be forced to pay a $20 citation.