Student puts artistic foot forward, using shoes as her canvas

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) -- Balancing school, work and a social life can be stressful as a college freshman, but one University of Mary student finds time to juggle that plus has turned a passion into small business.

Trend setters are walking miles in shoes created by AnneMarie Hansen, a college student in Bismarck, North Dakota.

"It's something totally different and it's a challenge," said Hansen.

This healthcare administration and marketing major is using shoes as her canvas.

"Everybody wants to get a fun patterned pair of shoes, but if I can custom hand paint it, it's truly personalized for each individual and I think that is something rare and harder to find, especially in this community," said Hansen.

Acrylic Paint, brushes and water, are the tools used for her artwork.

"You see a little bit of Annie in all of her projects. She kind of marks it with her personality. I mean, she always gets what the customer wants, but you can really see that she has fun with it and she loves to do it," said Brooke Nicholson, University of Mary freshman

Hansen is a Colorado native who took her love of art and turned it into a profit.

"If you ever have an opportunity or hobby that you love, you should capitalize on it," said Hansen.

Her inspiration started in high school, but her marketing teacher at University of Mary encouraged her to put her best foot forward.

"It's my hobby and when I paint shoes, that's my zen," said Hansen.

It takes three to four hours to turn an ordinary pair of shoes into a work of art that paves the way to a new style.

Hansen recently started a partnership with Lillian's in downtown Bismarck, and you can purchase a pair of her shoes through there.

The shoes start at $65 for men, women and children. There are two different styles: slip-on and lace-up.

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