Outrage after suspected drunk driver spotted at bar following deadly crash

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ODESSA-- A social media post gone viral. CBS 7 viewers reached out to express outrage after they said they saw a suspect in an alleged drunk driving crash at a local bar out on bond.

Video surfaced of what appears to be a young man with a distinct back brace walking out of hooters this weekend. The man is the very same who was behind the wheel late last month in a crash which killed three people in an ice cream truck.

23-year-old Mark Cason garret confirmed he was at Hooter's this weekend. Garret has been charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter and three counts of intoxication assault.

This comes after police reported Garrett was speeding and hit a van from behind. All three people inside the van died. Police also said Garrett was drunk.

“It’s just really disturbing. It makes you wonder, did he learn anything,” said family member of victims, Heather Hill

Heather is a family member of Richard and Barbara Mackrell. Both lost their lives in a gruesome crash along Yukon in Odessa.

Heather said the suspected drunk driver's visit to a place which serves alcohol was a shock.

“I just don’t’ understand how someone can kill three innocent people but then turn around and put a beer to their mouth.”

We spoke with an eyewitness and the woman who posted the original video. She told CBS 7 she saw Garrett have a drink on the patio at Hooter's. There's even a photo circulating of Garrett sitting at another local bar.

We wanted answers ourselves so CBS 7 stopped by Garrett’s home but no one came to the door. He then called our station. Garrett said over the phone he did not have a drink at Hooter’s. It’s a statement he echoes in a since deleted comment on Facebook.

Judge Dennis Jones said often times people want harsher bonds than the ones that are handed down. He adds it’s a common misconception that the amount set by a judge has anything to do with how much evidence there is against someone. Typically more serious crimes do have higher bonds but they are limited by the law.

In the meantime, heather said, going out on the town or not, the family is ready to forgive.

“We think he needs to be punished for the actions that he has done but we don’t think he needs to serve life in prison. He is young.”