Pit bulls attack boy; neighbor says this isn't the first time

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ODESSA -- A nine-year-old Odessa boy is being treated in Lubbock tonight after he was attacked and bitten by three pit bulls.

This happened on West-Westmark Street in West Odessa.

CBS 7 crews caught up with a neighbor who says this isn't the first time dogs have been a danger to her children and other kids on her street.

"Too close to home, I mean literally, it was two houses down and it's just very sad you can't imagine what the family is going through and it's unnecessary, it should not happen, if you're going to have animals you need to be responsible and have them locked up," Stephanie Burton, mother of two, said.

When Animal Control and first responders arrived at the scene, one of the dogs actually charged a sergeant; he then shot the dog.

All dogs are contained at this time.

The owner of the pit bulls declined to comment.