Javelina sightings reported at Comanche Trail Park

ODESSA -- Following a report from a viewer of a javelina sighting at Comanche Trail Park in Odessa, a police spokesperson confirms there have been several calls between March 6 and 20th.

From Police Spokesperson Steve LeSueur:

Between 3-6-17 and 3-20-17, Odessa Animal Control has responded to several calls involving up to seven reported javelina sightings at Commanche Trail Park. There have been no reports of any injuries. There are several acres of undeveloped land that could possibly harbor javelina as a food source. To mitigate the threat of javelina entering populated areas, they will have to be moved or else they will continue to visit the area. If anyone comes in contact with a javelina, they are encouraged to immediately contact Odessa Animal Control at 432-333-3641.

Photo: Dawn Kirby