City of Big Spring approves next steps in getting downtown park

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BIG SPRING -- Lots of people like music in the park, and the City of Big Spring wants to create that kind of atmosphere.

On Tuesday the city held a council meeting where members brought the idea of the park closer to becoming a reality.

You can’t talk about the history of Big Spring without mentioning the Settles Hotel, but the new development right next door has the community talking.

Now the question is, how much will it cost?

Just under $4 million dollars, that’s what Mayor Larry McLellan predicts.

“It would be grassy like Central Park,” McLellan said, beaming.

The city would provide $1 million and the remaining $3 million would be tax dollars.

The park would be an add-on the grass lot beside the Iconic Settles Hotel.

“I think with the entertainment and the ability to have a venue downtown, we will see bands come in, we will see more people coming downtown to enjoy this part of town. If you look at it it's basically going to be a park and a sound stage and just a really nice area,” he said.

Although that would involve shutting down Johnson Street to make room for the park and additional restaurants, both McLellan and the city seem optimistic.

In fact, in its last public meeting, McLellan reports nobody objecting to the park.

“The expense the city’s going to put in this is, we can certainly receive a great benefit from this,” McLellan said.

He adds that the project should take about a year to complete once started.

McLellan believes it would give the city a more downtown vibe by drawing more business and tourism to Big Spring.