Military training coming to Midland

The Midland City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 10th. (David Huertas/CBS 7)
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MIDLAND -- The United States Army Special Operations command will be making its way to the Tall City.

Midland’s City Council approved a training to take place from March 31st - April 24th.

The training will consist of meetings and assessment of personnel related to national security strategies, according to City of Midland spokesperson Sara Bustilloz.

Midland Police Department will be informed when the training takes place to stray away from any confusion. In 2015, the city council passed a similar resolution which authorized the United States Army to conduct a similar exercise.

“The meetings will take place with role players in civilian attire. The Midland Police Department has received a briefing on this operation and understands that all events will be de-conflicted through the department when operations occur within the City limits of Midland,” Bustilloz said.

The city or police department did not receive any calls related to that training.